Information Technology & Cybersecurity

DFS Part 500

A Financial Institution’s IT/Cybersecurity Program must implement applicable regulatory reporting obligations and be made available to the NYSDFS Superintendent upon request. Being experts on NYSDFS regulations, Vantage works with FIs to ensure that their IT and Cybersecurity Program tracks with all the applicable requirements.


Risk Assessments 

Our Risk Assessment process considers many factors to estimate  probability, inherent risk factors, and risk mitigation. Vantage’s proprietary Risk Assessment product is utilized to document every aspect of the process, assign risk indexes, rate inherent risk factors, and determine the mitigation and controls of Financial Institutions using clear, easily understood terminology.


Let’s Work Together

Vantage has been a trusted resource to the financial services industry since 1997. We serve clients nationwide, including Banks, Foreign Branches/Agencies, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions.

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